Jack Cullen versus Kevin Lele Sadjo breakdown

This should be an exciting fight as both fighters styles should gel well. Kevin Sadjo is a compact fighter who throws with power if not precision. He’s not a tall super middleweight but he does seem to possess some power and is also fairly strong. He likes to throw overhand rights but the thing you’llContinue reading “Jack Cullen versus Kevin Lele Sadjo breakdown”

Avni Yildirim versus Jack Cullen breakdown

This isn’t a fight anybody could have seen coming and is probably the strangest piece of match making I’ve seen in a while. Avni Yildirim is coming off a loss to the current P4P best fighter in the world in Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, in front of a crowd of more than 15,000 people. Jack CullenContinue reading “Avni Yildirim versus Jack Cullen breakdown”

Jack Cullen versus Zak Chelli breakdown

This fight was announced around a week ago and as soon as I saw the names I knew this would be a good fight. Both have been in competitive fights which have turned into wars at points and I expect this fight to be no different. Jack Cullen was a massive middleweight and even nowContinue reading “Jack Cullen versus Zak Chelli breakdown”