Jack Cullen versus Zak Chelli breakdown

This fight was announced around a week ago and as soon as I saw the names I knew this would be a good fight. Both have been in competitive fights which have turned into wars at points and I expect this fight to be no different.

Jack Cullen was a massive middleweight and even now he’s moved up to Super Middleweight is still big for the weight. He’s got a long reach and gets good extension on his hooks and uppercuts which seem to have some power on them. I think overall his power is good and I think at Super middleweight where he won’t be weight drained it’ll be even better. His stamina at middleweight wasn’t bad but you could see at certain points in fights he’d stop punching even in fights he was ahead in and I presume this was because he was getting tired. His chin is good and while he’s been stopped twice he showed in his defeat to Felix Cash that he has a decent chin as he was taking a lot of flush shots from a big puncher while staying on his feet and firing back even after getting dropped early.

Zak Chelli is only 22 but has had some good fights already in his career. He’s shown he has decent power as he’s dropped every good opponent he’s been in with. He can be quite wild with his punches and throws his shots quite wide I’ve noticed. He has a good chin and hasn’t ever been dropped even when he fought at Light heavyweight. A big factor in this fight could be that Chelli is used to fighting at Super Middle and even Light heavyweight. Chelli’s stamina does run out a bit in the latter rounds and this is consistent in a few of his big fights. In the Kody Davies fight he was boxing well early and dropped Davies but then let the fight be taken away from him because he was backing into corners and not throwing enough.

I think Jack Cullen will win in a war because I think he’s shown he can dig deeper than Chelli. He’s also the bigger man and will likely look better now he’s not draining himself to middleweight. For Zak Chelli to win he needs to get on the front foot and give it his all as if he fights like he did in the Kody Davies fight he will likely lose.

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