Luther Clay versus Chris Kongo

This is one of the most competitive fights on the Dillian Whyte-Alexander Povetkin card. Clay is coming off a few good wins and has placed himself in a good spot in the WBO rankings at Welterweight. Chris Kongo hasn’t put a foot wrong yet in his pro career and will be facing his biggest test on Saturday night.

Luther Clay has a decent jab and all round skills though he’s not the most technical fighter I’ve seen. He does have decent power but it doesn’t seem to be enough to stop opponents that are really coming to win. He has decent defence but nothing to write home about. He does have good timing once he gets a feel for the fight and if Kongo lets him get into his stride then it will be a long night for him.

Chris Kongo is a big Welterweight and from the footage I’ve watched uses his height well. He has a decent jab and you can tell he’s spent time on the GB squad as he has good technical skills. I really like his right hook to the body I’ve seen him throw as he really gets some force behind it. He has excellent movement and footwork which I think is being overlooked by analysts in this fight in favour of his power. Don’t get me wrong he does have good power but I also think he has significantly better movement than Clay. His stamina has looked fine in his fights so far though he’s only been facing journeymen over 6 rounds so its hard to judge it.

Normally I’d go with the experience in Luther Clay but I think with Kongo’s amateur background and general skill set (power,movement etc) he should be able to win this fight. Some fighters perform better when their opponent comes to win and I think that may be the case here. Clay could win if he drags Kongo deep into the fight as Clay is the one who’s fought good competition and has proven he can win competitive 50/50 fights while Kongo hasn’t yet.

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