Ruslan Fayfer versus Aleksei Papin breakdown.

This is a very competitive fight where the winner will face Illunga Makabu for the WBC Cruiserweight world title. Ruslan Fayfer is coming off one of the best wins of his career while Papin is coming off a close loss to Makabu.

Ruslan Fayfer has a good jab and decent technical skills. He has decent timing though nothing special. I think his defense is decent enough but hes not an elusive fighter that will make you miss for 12 rounds. He has decent power but won’t knock people out at world level. I think his stamina is decent but like most fighters is clearly more tired in the championship rounds.

Aleksei Papin has good power but hasn’t shown he can stop fighters at world level. He has a decent jab and his stamina is around the same level of Fayfer’s. He has a decent right hand and likes to throw hooks to the body. I don’t think his defence is that good and he lacks good head movement in my opinion. Papin throws a lot of straight shots and I think he’ll have success with those in this fight. He has a good chin as he went 12 rounds with Makabu who is a massive puncher and Papin was getting hit in that fight but never quit or got KO’d. He wasn’t very active in his fight with Makabu but I think that was down to him being aware that Makabu could knock him out at any moment.

This is a going to be a close fight in my opinion though I do think Papin will win due to his experience fighting Illunga Makabu and also his advantage in the power department. For Fayfer to win he needs to establish his jab and outwork Papin which he is capable of doing and I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled it off.

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