Avni Yildirim versus Jack Cullen breakdown

This isn’t a fight anybody could have seen coming and is probably the strangest piece of match making I’ve seen in a while. Avni Yildirim is coming off a loss to the current P4P best fighter in the world in Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, in front of a crowd of more than 15,000 people. Jack Cullen scored a good upset win over domestic prospect John Docherty but has very much remained a domestic level fighter and at last years fight camp was lucky to come away with a draw versus Zac Chelli who was 7-1 at the time. It’s crazy that Yildirim has gone from fighting in the main event of a packed out stadium versus the number one fighter in the world to fighting Jack Cullen in front of under a thousand people in Eddie Hearn’s garden. Cullen, Perhaps best known for having a north face tattoo has the opportunity of a life time to elevate himself to the world stage by beating a fellow opponent of Canelo. If he can win he should be in for a few big pay days before hes done. For Avni Yildirim this is a fairly big risk and at least to me shows hes likely lost motivation after getting his big pay day versus Canelo.

Jack Cullen

Both are normally come forward fighters with fairly average chins though Cullen has shown a lot of toughness in his fights and is willing to dig deep when needed. Skill wise I don’t see a huge difference and this should be a winnable fight for both fighters.

I think Jack Cullen will win a decision after ten rounds due to being more motivated and digging deeper in a fight that should be fought on fairly even terms for the most part. Cullen often gets dropped early so I could see that happening then him battling back versus an unmotivated and flat Yildirim.


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