Campbell Hatton versus Jakub Laskowski breakdown

This is a good learning fight for Hatton as Laskowski should attempt to fight back for at least the first couple of rounds. Laskowski has won fights before which is an improvement on Hatton’s first two opponents who had a record of 0-14 between the two of them. This is understandable due to Hatton’s limited amateur career and isn’t meant as a slight towards him.

Hatton is a come forward all action fighter that throws a lot to the body and isn’t afraid to let his hands go. I don’t think his defence is great but at this lower level that doesn’t matter as his opponents struggle to deal with his pressure due to being novices themselves. Jakub Laskowski looks awkward in the ring and doesn’t appear to have much power. His defence isn’t terrible but Hatton should be able to land on him without too many problems.

Jakub Laskowski

I expect Campbell Hatton to win a decision after four rounds due to his volume of punching. His body shots should slow Laskowski down late in the fight as well.


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