Campbell Hatton versus Attila Csereklye breakdown

This should be a solid learning fight for Hatton but not one where hes likely to look bad like his last fight. Csereklye is a durable journeyman from the European circuit with a lot of experience but has never used that experience to pull off an upset. Hatton didn’t look good in his last fightContinue reading “Campbell Hatton versus Attila Csereklye breakdown”

Campbell Hatton versus Sonni Martinez breakdown

This is a slight step up for Hatton who has only just started his professional career after only having a few amateur fights. Sonni Martinez is a journeyman but hes a journeyman that comes to win and has given a few prospects problems. The fight is also over six rounds, a distance Hatton has neverContinue reading “Campbell Hatton versus Sonni Martinez breakdown”

Campbell Hatton versus Jakub Laskowski breakdown

This is a good learning fight for Hatton as Laskowski should attempt to fight back for at least the first couple of rounds. Laskowski has won fights before which is an improvement on Hatton’s first two opponents who had a record of 0-14 between the two of them. This is understandable due to Hatton’s limitedContinue reading “Campbell Hatton versus Jakub Laskowski breakdown”

Campbell Hatton versus Levi Dunn breakdown

This is another learning fight for Hatton who will likely stay active versus this level of opponent for a while considering his age and amateur experience. Levi Dunn is 0-4 but has only been stopped once and in his own words comes to win but isn’t good enough versus the good amateurs he faces. IContinue reading “Campbell Hatton versus Levi Dunn breakdown”

Campbell Hatton versus Jesus Ruiz breakdown

This isn’t the worse opponent for Campbell Hatton on his debut because Jesus Ruiz is durable and has some experience but this should still be a comfortable win for him. Hatton should win this fight due to being technically better and Ruiz not really coming to win as suggested by his 0-10 record. Campbell HattonContinue reading “Campbell Hatton versus Jesus Ruiz breakdown”