Campbell Hatton versus Sonni Martinez breakdown

This is a slight step up for Hatton who has only just started his professional career after only having a few amateur fights. Sonni Martinez is a journeyman but hes a journeyman that comes to win and has given a few prospects problems. The fight is also over six rounds, a distance Hatton has never gone and in his other fights hes shown a somewhat questionable gas tank at times. He certainly seems to slow down and lose his shape in the 3rd and 4th round of his fights. Martinez is strong and is clearly more skilled than Hatton’s other opponents. I personally think he’ll be looking for big counters throughout the fight which may lead to him not being active enough and getting outworked.

Sonni Martinez

I think Campbell Hatton will outwork Martinez and win a 4-2 decision though if Martinez landed a few big counters and ended up winning I certainly wouldn’t be surprised.


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