David Morrell versus Alantez Fox breakdown

David Morrell is a very talented young fighter who has a lot of potential. Morrell was a good Cuban amateur before defecting and moving to the USA where he has turned pro and progressed quickly. Alantez Fox wasn’t as successful as an amateur but has been a pro for over ten years and holds a massive experience advantage. Fox has lost in his two biggest fights though both were to good fighters in Demetrious Andrade and Liam Williams.

David Morrell is very good technically and also possesses a good amount of power. While he’s inexperienced as a pro his amateur career seems to have made up for it as he looks natural in a pro ring.

I personally think that while Fox is a solid pro and his height could cause a few early problems, Morrell will simply be too good technically for him and will break Fox down late in the fight. My pick is Morrell by stoppage in the second half of the fight due to his technical prowess and also being the bigger puncher who picks his punches better. I’m quite high on Morrell as a prospect/fighter and I hope he’s more active in the future win or lose here as he’s only 5-0 but is already only fighting twice a year.


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