Victorio Saludar fights Erick Rosa for secondary WBA title at minimumweight

I decided not to do a breakdown on this fight but still think its worth talking about to an extent. Erick Rosa is only 21 and 4-0 but has been fast tracked to world level due to the belief his promoters have in him. He’s a solid boxer-puncher who will certainly win a world title and get to the elite level at the lower weights even if he comes up short here.

Victorio Saludar has gone around 50-50 at world level with some good wins but also four losses. He carries the experience in this fight and will be looking to stop the rise of Erick Rosa who is a potential future star. If Erick Rosa can win this fight then I can see him start to get brought onto under cards in the USA as he’s entertaining and has a lot of upside.

Victorio Saludar

I personally think Erick Rosa will win a close decision but I haven’t watched back any of their fights recently so I didn’t feel comfortable doing a proper breakdown. I hope Rosa wins as well as he has more potential long term and could lead to it being easier to watch minimum weight world title fights.


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