Yoelvis Gomez versus Clay Collard breakdown

This should be an excellent test for Gomez, a 4-0 power puncher from Cuba who had a decent if not outstanding amateur background. Collard rose to prominence in the middle of 2020 by fighting regularly on Top Rank’s bubble series of cards where he was able to find success after being brought in originally as an opponent.

Yoelvis Gomez is fairly sound technically though has a habit of loading up on every punch he throws instead of looking for opportunities for his big punches. He seems to carry power and if he needs to he can box with less aggression than he currently does. He throws a lot of volume and has a nice left hook to the body like most southpaws do.

Clay Collard is incredibly tough and has a style no one can replicate. He throws from weird angles and unless your incredibly fit then he’s going to out-work you and put the pressure on all fight long.

Clay Collard

I think Yoelvis Gomez should be to slick for Collard who is the opposite of technically sound. Gomez’s sheer volume combined with his power should be enough to beat Collard by decision after six rounds. It’ll be interesting too see how well Gomez does as a pro as he seems to have a good style but is being fast tracked without a deep amateur career like other Cuban pro’s have had.


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