Carlos Gongora versus Lerrone Richards breakdown

On paper this should be a competitive fight though it’s not one i’m looking forward to as I personally don’t enjoy Richard’s style of boxing. Carlos Gongora is decent technically and has real power but doesn’t have the style to beat Richards in my opinion. Lerrone Richards is a defensively sound boxer who has great technical skills and is perfectly happy to out-box his opponents for twelve rounds.

I think that the battle at range will be won by Richards who will land just enough to win the rounds while staying defensively sound. Gongora is going to struggle to land on Richards and though he may win a few rounds I think it’s unlikely he does enough to beat Richards who while being unentertaining is very good at doing enough to win. I could be overrating Richards but I think his style is very hard to beat and it’ll take either a rough inside style or one of the true elite at 168 to beat him. My pick is Lerrone Richards by decision after twelve rounds.


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