Carlos Gongora versus Lerrone Richards breakdown

On paper this should be a competitive fight though it’s not one i’m looking forward to as I personally don’t enjoy Richard’s style of boxing. Carlos Gongora is decent technically and has real power but doesn’t have the style to beat Richards in my opinion. Lerrone Richards is a defensively sound boxer who has greatContinue reading “Carlos Gongora versus Lerrone Richards breakdown”

Carlos Gongora versus Christopher Pearson breakdown

This is a good fight between Carlos Gongora who is a rising super middleweight contender and Christopher Pearson who is a fringe contender at middleweight but is moving up for this fight. Carlos Gongora is very tough and throws a decent amount of punches with good power behind it and showed boxing skill in hisContinue reading “Carlos Gongora versus Christopher Pearson breakdown”

Ali Akhmedov versus Carlos Gongora breakdown

I think this will be the most competitive fight of the night and really could swing either way. Both are decent technically and possess power. Carlos Gongora has the longer reach but might be slightly less good fundamentally. Both had very solid amateur careers and there isn’t much to separate the two. If I wasContinue reading “Ali Akhmedov versus Carlos Gongora breakdown”