Trilogy’s that can be made in 2020

After making a list of five good trilogy’s yesterday I thought about how many trilogy’s could be completed this year and realised their aren’t that many high profile ones. Trilogy’s add so much to a boxers legacy and always get my interest as a fan and I personally think the sport needs them to help build it up.

The first and most obvious trilogy that can be made this year is Golovkin versus Canelo. Their two first fights were highly competitive bouts with controversial scoring which sets up a third fight perfectly. The score currently is 1 to Canelo and a draw but most fans either feel Golovkin won both or that they are 1-1. A third fight would help get a clear winner though because of the controversy of the previous fights and Golovkin getting older its likely people will never agree on who is the better fighter at middleweight. Its still one of the biggest fights in boxing and would add to both of their legacy’s win, lose or draw.

The second trilogy which could potentially be made but is unlikely is Anthony Joshua versus Andy Ruiz Jr. Their first fight was a fight that boxing will never forget and no one can ever take being a world champion away from Ruiz, he also set his family up for life. However the reason that the trilogy won’t happen is because no one really wants to see it. If the second fight had been competitive and Ruiz hadn’t turned up out of shape then there might be more people calling for a trilogy. Joshua is also stuck fighting mandatorys for his next two fights and then after that will be looking at bigger fish in the division than Ruiz.

The third trilogy is the one that is most likely to happen and that is Wilder versus Fury. This is another of the biggest fights in boxing and also one thats already been agreed upon. We will likely see it in the summer if they can limit the spread of the Corona Virus. After their second fight being noncompetitive with Fury bashing Wilder all over the ring i’m not sure how interested people will be in the third one. I would still of course watch and the build up would be entertaining but I personally feel that Fury has won twice now and I don’t see Wilder doing much better in the trilogy.

The fourth trilogy that could be made this year is Jermell Charlo versus Tony Harrison. Both of their fights have been relatively entertaining especially the second one. The build up will be great and will attract a lot of people to watch it. All great fighters need rivals and this has the potential to be a fun one. I think this has a decent chance at happening as its the second biggest fight for Charlo in the division in my opinion and he isn’t likely to get the unification he wants because Rosario has a mandatory to deal with. Out of the four I’ve listed so far this is the one that I want to see most tied with Canelo v GGG 3.

The fifth trilogy would be between Leo Santa Cruz and Carl Frampton. They had two entertaining fights but for whatever reason never fought a third time even though they are 1-1. Both are getting to the latter stages of their careers especially Frampton so there isn’t long left to make the fight. I doubt it happens because Leo is rumored to be fighting Gervonta Davis and Frampton is supposed to be fighting Jamel Herring. Both of those are hard fights where they will enter as underdogs so the only way I can see it happening is if both lose and they choose to have another hard fight immediately.

The sixth trilogy is one that not many are asking for and thats between Luke Campbell and Yvan Mendy. Campbell was knocked down and upset by Mendy in their first fight before avenging the defeat in a rematch a few years later. Mendy is a good fighter and could beat Campbell again or it could go the other way and that is why I would like too see this fight. It’s also very realistic as Campbell is fighting for the vacant WBC lightweight title and if he wins that his mandatory is Mendy.

The last trilogy that could be made is Juan Francisco Estrada versus Rungvisai. This is an incredible match up and could go either way and fans would be entertained. It’s also 1-1 and the second fight was weird with Rungvisai choosing to fight orthodox for most of the fight before switching back to southpaw and winning the remaining rounds. If he boxes southpaw from the beginning then he has a very good chance to win. Hopefully this fight happens soon however there are so many good match ups in the Super Fly division that I wouldn’t be mad if this didn’t take place.

Thats my list of potential trilogy’s that could happen this year and while its likely only two or three will happen thats still more than most years especially trilogy’s at the highest level in the sport. I enjoyed writing this and I think I will be doing more of this type of content in the future.

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