You can’t compare old time heavyweights with today’s Giant’s.

One of the topics in boxing which is brought up again and again is whether today’s heavyweights could beat the past greats such as Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano. The simple answer is they likely could because of how much bigger heavyweights are now. Marciano weighed in at 185 pounds for most of his career which wouldn’t make him a heavyweight in today’s era so to try and compare him to giants like Tyson Fury who weighed in at 270 pounds for his last contest is ludicrous. Joe Louis weighed in around 200 pounds for most of his career and if he fought today would be a Cruiserweight so to try and make comparisons to today’s fighters is almost impossible.

Marciano and Louis were the best of their era’s and are among the best heavyweights to ever live but as time has gone on the heavyweight division has got heavier and thus you can’t compare whether Marciano or Deontay Wilder would have won as they aren’t really in the same weight class. You can compare them in terms of achievements and how great they were but to try and compare them in head to head match ups ignores how much the heavyweight division has changed over time.

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