Top 5 Heavyweight prospects (May, 2020)

Heavyweight is one of the most popular divisions in boxing though I personally prefer other divisions where the fighters are normally faster and more skilled. The heavyweight division is notorious for having 15-20 good fighters with the rest being overweight cruiserweights or flat-footed giants. It does however have a decent crop of prospects coming through right now who will help carry the division forward when the current guys move on.

5. Filip Hrgovic is a 10-0 Croatian who has a very deep amateur background including competing in the 2016 Olympics. Hes faced some good competition for only being 10 fights in and is clearly looking to move to the top quickly after facing names like Eric Molina, Kevin Johnson and Amir Mansour. He has good power with solid fundamentals and is always looking to stop his opponents. I do think hes a little slow and throws the same punches even when hes not having success with them. I liked how he went to the body in the Eric Molina fight but his shots upstairs were largely being avoided by a fighter that clearly didn’t want to be there. Hes not that hard to hit but has a good chin so if people want to trade with him it will likely benefit him as long as the hand speed difference isn’t too much.

Filip Hrgovic

4. Bakhodir Jalolov is a 6-0 prospect from Uzbekistan who is also a very accomplished amateur. He recently won the world championships in Russia and has qualified for the Olympics next year. He does however have six pro fights which is why I’ve included him as a prospect. He has very good movement combined with fast hands which is a rarity in the heavyweight division. I especially like his one-two which he throws often and with intent. He sometimes goes back in straight lines but apart from that he has no glaring faults. Hes still early on in his career at only 25 years old but things are looking good so far for the 6 foot 7 heavyweight from Uzbekistan.

Bakhodir Jalolov

3. Efe Ajagba is a 13-0 prospect originally from Nigeria who now resides in the USA. He competed in the 2016 Olympics and has an insane reach of 85 inches. Hes a big puncher who like most punchers is very confident in the ring. Hes not particularly fast and can be a bit upright which led to him being dropped in his fight versus Iago Kiladze. He showed hes got heart in that fight as he got up and then stopped Kiladze two rounds later. Considering hes only 26 he has time to work on things which I noticed in his last fight as he seemed a little less stiff than he has in the past.

Efe Ajagba

2. Arslanbek Makhmudov is currently 10-0 with 10 knockouts and carries real power. He has a decent amateur background but isn’t an Olympian. Hes not afraid to let his hands go and often throws combinations especially when he has his opponent hurt. Hes very aggressive so he could potentially get caught as he throws but i’m very high on him as a prospect.

Arslanbek Makhmudov

1. Daniel Dubois is currently 14-0 with 13 knockouts and is currently one of the hottest prospects in boxing. Hes got good power with an excellent jab which is why I have him top of the list. Hes calm in the ring as he takes his opponents apart with a solid jab and good timing. He has been known to sometimes start trading when he doesn’t need to but its not something he consistently does. My biggest worry with him as a fighter is his lack of head movement which is something he can work on as well as fighting off the back foot as I have a feeling that when someone forces him back he won’t be nearly as effective.

Daniel Dubois

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