Every good heavyweight fight is on PPV and why its bad for the sport.

As of today multiple heavyweight fights have been announced in the UK for the summer where boxing fans will have to splash out money for fights that really shouldn’t be PPV. Unfortunately it seems like any good heavyweight fight at world level is now put on PPV as the broadcasters have clearly realised that they can get away with it and make extra cash that they wouldn’t normally be able too. It has also mean’t that they can maximise the earnings they get out of fighters and the more PPVs they put on the more they normalise any good fight being on PPV.

The problem now for both the customers and the corporations is that as a heavyweight boxer they’ve been paid huge amounts headlining a PPV where they likely shouldn’t have and so the promoters can’t then turn around and pay them less to not fight on PPV versus the same level of opponent. Dillian Whyte is the best example of this new PPV model in the UK. When he fights Povetkin later this year he would have fought four times on PPV without ever challenging for a world title which when you step back and think about it is insane. At this point its hard to change it because its the norm and fighters expect to be on PPV once they reach a certain level and companies like Sky know that the public will buy fights that aren’t for world titles and have taken that concept to the bank and decided any big fight will have to be paid for now.

In the summer we will have Whyte-Povetkin, Joshua-Pulev, Dubois-Joyce and Usyk-Chisora all on PPV. Thats £80 and only one of those fights has a world title on the line but another noticeable thing is that all of these fights are in the heavyweight division. This was my earlier point that if you want to watch a good heavyweight fight its now behind a pay wall and this is terrible for the sport. The heavyweight division has always been one that the general public is most interested in and for superstars they are willing to pay but if every fight is on PPV then people won’t see the boxers and the sport will go further into obscurity. It hurts as someone that loves the sport to see the people at the top constantly pillage what they can for short term gain, instead of going for growth in the long term as boxing currently struggles through a bleak winter.

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