Knockout CP Freshmart defends minimum weight title.

Knockout CP Freshmart defended his WBA minimum title early this morning in Thailand versus Norihito Tanaka. Tanaka had some early success but was knocked down in round three before losing a wide decision. He clearly wasn’t quite on the level of Knockout CP Freshmart and if i’m honest not many in that division are. There are currently four champions in the minimum weight division and not a lot of good competition for them to fight as the division only consists of 250 people. Even as a hard core boxing fan I find it hard to get excited about this division and outside of unifications happening the wider public won’t care at all. Even for a unification they won’t recognise the names which is perhaps one of the reasons no one has unified at minimum weight for a while.

Because of the small pool of talent I don’t think this division will ever go main stream in the USA or the UK but it still draws a bunch of dedicated fans to watch random facebook pages to watch the championship fights.

Ginjiro Shigeoka

The one prospect that I think will make noise in the division is Genjiro Shigeoka who impressed last time out by stopping Rey Loreto a two time world title challenger. I think Shigeoka will become a world champion either this year or 2021 and hopefully go on to unify the division as at 5ft he won’t be going up too many divisions in his career.

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