Demsey McKean , Australia’s next heavyweight hope.

Demsey McKean is a 6,6 southpaw in the heavyweight division where he currently holds a record of 17-0 with 11 knockouts. A lot of his decision victory’s came early in his career and in recent times he has been showing that he does have power which is of course something that fighters need in the heavyweight division. Hes 29 which means he still has a long career left as a heavyweight if he wants it and with how the division is booming right now its the perfect time for him to start to get into the mix.

A fight between him and Lucas Browne was close to taking place but unfortunately Browne pulled out as it would have been a good potential passing of the torch between the different generations of Australian heavyweights. Hopefully we get too see that fight in the future perhaps as Browne’s final fight after hes fought a few more big international names.

McKean takes a step up in competition this weekend as he fights Jonathon Rice who is currently a gatekeeper for heavyweight prospects too see if they can pass beyond regional level. Other notable names Rice has fought are Tony Yoka the 2016 Olympic Gold medalist and Arslanbek Makhmudov who looks like he could be a big player in the division. This is a good test for McKean and also puts a recognisable name on his resume which becomes an important part of boxing as you get towards title level. McKean is likely at least two years away from challenging for a title if he keeps winning as there are plenty of fighters in good positions just waiting to get their shot while taking no risks.

Demsey McKean KO’s Dominik Musil

Demsey uses his size effectively in the footage I’ve watched keeping his opponents at range which annoyingly you don’t see the taller fighters do that often. Hes not all that active and keeps a hand out almost measuring the distance while keeping his opponent at bay which I think may lead to him getting countered as he gets stepped up. He throws more to the body than over heavyweights I’ve seen though does fall into range when he commits to throwing anything hard. He has shown improvement though and I was impressed with the shot he threw off the back foot to KO Dominik Musil as he planted his feet and countered Musil which he’d been struggling a little to do in that fight. When he went on the offensive in that fight he threw some good combinations and seems to have decent hand speed especially compared to fighters like Joe Joyce. One of the biggest things that impressed me in his fights is that he has fast feet which is a great attribute to have in a heavyweight as most of the division are slow and sort of plod forwards.

I think Demsey McKean still needs to improve before moving to world level but he has plenty of time to do so and because outside of Australia he doesn’t have much of a buzz around him he won’t be rushed to satisfy a global audience who want fighters to step up to quickly.

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