Joshua versus Fury should be in the UK but it won’t be.

Anthony Joshua versus Tyson Fury is now the fight to make in the heavyweight division. This would be the biggest fight in British boxing history and could sell out any Arena in the UK, it would go far beyond boxing and be a significant cultural moment for us as we crown an undisputed British Heavyweight champion. This is a unique moment where all of the heavyweight titles are held by Brits and we have the opportunity to make them unify.

Obviously this fight should be held in the UK as both are British and have been backed by the British public throughout their careers. Unfortunately its unlikely this fight will happen in the UK as they can make more money somewhere like Saudi Arabia and as boxing is all about money I can see that happening instead of making a few million less and giving back to the fans that have enabled them to get to the top. Eddie Hearn has all but confirmed that on Joshua’s end they won’t be doing it in the UK and Fury has said he has to fight in America until the end of his contract. I hope this fight happens where ever it is but it would be a travesty if it didn’t happen in the UK where it really should occur. It doesn’t make sense to have two Brits fight for all the heavyweight belts in either Saudi or America, let us have a defining moment in boxing occur on these shores especially when it makes this much sense.


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