Jesse Rodriguez : One to watch

Jesse Rodriguez is a 20 year old 10-0 Flyweight with 6 knockouts to his name. Hes someone that Mikey Garcia a four weight world champion is backing to go all the way. Considering he hasn’t got all of his man power yet he seems to hit hard and is also progressing well in his career at such a young age.

Flyweight is currently a stacked division though when he gets to title level it could look completely different as Moruti Mthalane will have likely retired and Kosei Tanaka has moved up a weight class recently. I imagine Julio Cesar Martinez may have moved up a division by then as well and we’ll have an almost complete new set of champions. I do think Artem Dalakian may still be around as he doesn’t fight great competition and doesn’t seem motivated to achieve any more than one world title. I think Rodriguez should perhaps try to get down that WBA route as Dalakian will be very beatable as Rodriguez improves.

He was also an outstanding amateur who won four national titles and a silver medal at the world championships and it shows when he boxes as hes clearly technically better than his opponents.

Jessie Rodriguez versus Rauf Aghayev

He has good lateral movement and I’ve been impressed with how patient he is no matter the level of opponent. He has an excellent jab that he works behind and doesn’t rush in instead he makes openings in his opponents defense with his jab and feints before shooting off a more damaging punch. He seems to have the killer instinct that all top boxers need and always seems to want a finish which again is a good trait to have. Hes got good footwork and works the distance well getting his shots off then stepping just out of range and doesn’t get too greedy which for a young fighter is very impressive. If i’m being honest its hard for me to find any obvious fault in his game and while i’m sure his coach Robert Garcia can see places where he can improve to my relatively untrained eye he hasn’t set a foot wrong in the pro game yet.

I’d keep an eye out for his fights as I really think hes going to be one for the future and 2020 could be a potential break out year for him. He should get the push he deserves as well because he has an excellent team around him. I look forward to watching his pro career and I hope you do too.

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