None of the 2016 Olympic Super Heavyweight medalists have made an impact.

All four Super Heavyweights who won medals at the 2016 Olympic games have gone pro but so far they haven’t made a huge impact on the sport.

Ivan Dychko was a hugely talented amateur and won a bronze medal at Rio 2016 but hasn’t done much in the pro’s yet. He’s won 9 fights against poor competition and out of the four medalists is the furthest behind. This is due to him signing with a promoter that simply can’t provide him fights and also that hes not hugely marketable in America and so no big promoter has taken a chance on him. Hopefully he starts getting fights soon as it would be a shame to not see him in the mix. A contract with any of the big three promoters would be good but currently being with either Top Rank or Matchroom will give him the biggest chance in the division.

Tony Yoka won the gold medal at Rio but I think is unlikely to win a title in the pro game. His level of competition for only having 7 fights is good but if hes too truly make it as a pro he needs to get signed to a big promoter soon. Like the others he’s nowhere near a title shot and is most likely only marketable in France or Canada. He also got banned for a year because he missed multiple drug tests which isn’t a good sign. He came back in 2019 and looked like he might start climbing the division quickly but then the Corona Virus hit and his momentum has stalled.

Filip Hrgovic also won bronze at Rio but has done a lot more in the pro’s than Dychko. He isn’t that close to a title shot but he has a few decent wins on his resume and is now being guided by Matchroom which was noticeable as in 2019 he started to make some good progress. I’m not very high on his ceiling as a pro but he’ll likely get a title shot at some point though it won’t be for at least two years which shows how slow the 2016 Olympians are moving.

Joe Joyce the silver medalist has the best pro win of all four over Bryant Jennings. He didn’t look great in that fight but he still managed to get the win which is all that matters. He seems to have bounced around promoters and trainers since he turned pro and never seems to stick around either beyond a few fights. He’s not ranked highly with any of the sanctioning bodies so doesn’t seem very close to a title fight either. He is supposed to be fighting Daniel Dubois on PPV in the UK so he has made some impact in the pro’s and if he beats Dubois he should become highly ranked as he’ll take his spot in the WBO.

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