Joshua Greer Jr versus Mike Plania breakdown

This is a fight between top Bantamweight contender Joshua Greer Jr and fringe contender Mike Plania. Joshua Greer currently has a record of 22-1-1 with notable wins over Antonio Nieves and Nikolai Potapov. Mike Plania has a record of 23-1 though has no notable wins to his name.

Mike Plania mostly fights on the front foot versus his opponents and will continuously pressure them during the fight. Its not overwhelming pressure as he’ll often stand just in range with his hands up to try and get a reaction that he can counter off of. When he’s not trying to bait out a reaction he holds his hands very low which has led to him being caught clean a few times especially in his last fight. He’ll often punch in short combinations and he does mix them up so he doesn’t get predictable. His best punches are his variety of uppercuts which he throws often due to his hands being low. They seem to catch his opponents off guard and he’ll often sneak them in at the end of a combination or uses it when hes countering.

He punches to the body well and will double and even triple up his hooks to the body. He seems to have decent power and while he didn’t KO his last opponent he dropped him and visibly hurt him multiple times especially to the body.

My major criticism of him is that he has his hands low all the time and while thats his style I think it will lead to him getting caught clean and often at the highest level. I also felt he was a bit too casual in his last fight and content to win the rounds rather than really put the pressure on and get his opponent out of there. His lapses of activity may also hurt him against the top guys in his division and Greer is certainly one of them.

Joshua Greer Jr likes to fight on the back foot and mostly counter his opponents. He has a decent jab which he uses to keep distance however I think if he used it aggressively it would be more effective. Greer is an effective combination puncher but doesn’t have any punches that really stand out. I like how he times his right uppercut and that may be effective versus Plania.

Greer has fast hands and can be elusive in fights though I think this is overstated. He is accurate with his punches and clearly considers where he wants them to land rather than just swinging aimlessly which versus Plania who keeps his hands down could work out well for him. He has decent timing and has used that to set up KO’s before and it wouldn’t surprise me if that combined with his hand speed won him this fight.

He can be timed and caught clean as shown by fighters like Antonio Nieves and Giovanni Escaner neither of who I rate highly.

I’m going to roll with Mike Plania on this one to pull off the upset due to him showing he has the power to drop good fighters like Payano combined with Greer showing he can be dropped when he steps up in competition. I also think Plania’s work to the body may trouble Greer and I can see Plania baiting Greer into a big shot with his weird come forward counter punching style. Greer can certainly win but this will be a competitive fight and Greer has barely scraped past his last 3 opponents and his luck has to run out soon.

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