Cameron Krael versus Bobirzhan Mominov breakdown

This is a well matched fight that should be very competitive. Cameron Krael is a fighter who has a record of 17-15-3 but has faced a very good level of competition and has some decent wins on his resume. Bobirzhan Mominov is currently 10-0 but hasn’t faced the level of competition that Krael has and this will be his step up fight too see if he can mix it at a higher level.

Mominov doesn’t have a huge amount of footage online but from what I’ve found he likes to be on the front foot pressing his opponents back with lead hooks and 1-2’s. He doesn’t jab very often and instead trusts in his timing and power to overwhelm his opponents. He’s perfectly happy to stand in front of his opponents and exchange punches which has worked for him so far in his career. He clearly has some power and perhaps now that he’s got a good opponent in front of him he won’t be quite as hook happy.

Cameron Krael has a good jab when he chooses to use it and I’d like too see him stick behind it more rather than get into wars. Talking about him getting into wars he has a very good chin and I don’t see Mominov hurting or stopping him. Krael has good timing on his counters and combinations when getting into exchanges. He has good uppercuts but his best punch is his right hook which seems to always find the target as shown in the latter rounds of his fight versus Erick Bone. He does get hit too much in my opinion though if he can draw Mominov into an all out war he may be able to use his experience to beat him. Once Krael gets into a rhythm hes very fun to watch as he sets everything up well and you can see why he is competitive with so many contenders and top guys.

I think this fight will be very competitive but i’m going to go with Cameron Krael to win this fight due to his experience and jab. Mominov can win but he’s had an easy time of it so far in the pro’s and I think this fight may be a rude awakening for him.

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