Whats next for Joshua Greer Jr and Mike Plania + card

This was the best card so far since boxing has come back. The first and last fights were relatively competitive and we got too see some good prospects in competitive bouts between the two 10 rounders.

I’m going to start off with Hector Perez and Juan Torres. Perez looks like he could compete domestically at Cruiserweight and should move back down as hes much to small for heavyweight. I don’t think he’ll make it anywhere near world level but perhaps he could be an opponent for someone on a comeback. Juan Torres should accept fights versus heavyweight prospects as a B side and other than that stick to club level boxing.

Nikoloz Sekhniashvili looked good versus Isiah Jones though will need to work on a few things to make it to the top. I think Top Rank should match him up with guys around Isiah Jones level for a few more fights while he learns the pro game. I think this was his first fight signed to Top Rank so i’m sure they have a plan for him. Isiah Jones will likely go back to regional shows or be a B side to future prospects though at 25 he could do more with his career especially if he goes down in weight.

Bobirzhan Mominov looked amazing versus Cameron Krael. He made what should have been a hard fight look easy and it makes his future look bright especially as this was his first fight signed to Top Rank. Mominov almost got Krael out of there which is extremely impressive. I think Top Rank should put him in an 8 or 10 round fight versus someone like Eddie Gomez or Fredrick Lawson as he can be moved quickly and these guys would test him. Krael will continue to take on all prospects/contenders and continue being one of the best gatekeepers in the sport.

I thought Giovani Santillan lost his fight and in all honesty didn’t look very good. I think other than a rematch with DeMarco, Santillan should fight Sebastian Formella or Chris Van Heerden next as he clearly isn’t a top welterweight. I want DeMarco to move down to 140 pounds and finish his career there as he clearly isn’t a full blooded welterweight.

Mike Plania was very impressive in the main event though will need to fight for the full 12 rounds to beat any of the champions at 118 or 122 pounds. I think Top Rank could match him up with the winner of Inoue/Casimero or Emanuel Navarrete at Super Bantamweight as thats where this fight was contested. I like the Navarrete fight as Plania would be the best opponent Navarrete has faced since Dogboe and could pose him some problems especially if the champion is weight drained. Joshua Greer Jr is only 26 so he can rebuild but this is a crushing defeat for him as he was on the verge of a title shot. If he wants to come back quickly fights versus Liborio Solis or Juan Carlos Payano would be good.

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