Miguel Berchelt and Emanuel Navarrete fight’s confirmed.

Both Berchelt and Navarrete have had their next fight’s confirmed recently. Neither of them are facing the best competition though that shouldn’t be a surprise as these fights are tune ups before they go into bigger ones.

Emanuel Navarrete will face Uriel Lopez (13-13-1) over 10 rounds at Featherweight. It’s not confirmed whether he will be moving up to Featherweight permanently but we can expect a move up in weight soon as he is a massive Super Bantamweight. While Lopez is better than his record suggests I still expect Navarrete to stop him within 6 or 7 rounds as the gulf in class will be too much for Lopez to overcome.

Miguel Berchelt will square off versus Eleazar Valenzuela over 10 rounds at Lightweight. The plan is for Berchelt to win this tune up at Lightweight and then move back down to Super Featherweight to defend his WBC world title versus Oscar Valdez. I think Berchelt like Navarrete will finish his opponent within the first 6 rounds and a first or second round KO wouldn’t surprise me. The interesting thing about Valenzuela is that hes fought Emanuel Navarrete before and took him to a decision at Super Bantamweight. I don’t think he’ll have the same success at Lightweight versus Berchelt.

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