Gabriel Flores Jr versus Josec Ruiz breakdown

Gabriel Flores Jr (17-0) takes on Josec Ruiz (21-2-3) over 10 rounds at Lightweight. Flores Jr looks to be a good prospect and this should be a good test for the undefeated fighter. This will now be the main event as the bout that was supposed to headline was called off due to a member of one of the fighters teams testing positive for the Corona Virus.

Gabriel Flores Jr is a good combination puncher who throws pretty much ever punch in the book. He has good lateral movement and is very technically sound so its unlikely he’ll get hit clean often versus Josec Ruiz. He has very fast hands and places his punches well. He doesn’t seem to have come into his power yet but has dropped and stopped opponents due to his timing and punch selection. I personally can see him becoming a future world champion but the only thing that can let him down is his current lack of power.

Josec Ruiz throws mostly singular shots from the footage I’ve been able to watch. A lot of his hooks are wide and not particularly quick though they seem to have some power on them albeit versus a lower level of competition. He does use a jab but its relatively weak and I think Flores will have no problem imposing his own jab over it. Ruiz can make people uncomfortable on the inside as this is where he excels compared to when he’s at range. He’ll pour in body shots while using elbows to create room to throw short hooks when he steps back which I’ve seen hurt opponents. I don’t think he’ll be too hard to hit especially as he marches forwards towards Flores Jr.

I think Flores should be able to use his height and reach plus his superior combination punching and jab to stop Ruiz in the 8th or 9th round. If Ruiz is to win he needs to get on the inside and make it hell for Flores by using elbows and shoulders and anything to make Flores uncomfortable.

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