Whats next for Gabriel Flores Jr , Josec Ruiz and the rest of the card?

Starting with the first fight Robert Rodriguez looked impressive in one of his first real step up fights. I like how calm he was and his punches seem to have some power to them. He’s only 20 so some more fights at this level versus people that actually campaign at his weight class would be good. Adrian Servin had success in the first round and clearly has skills he just needs to move back down to his normal weight division as Bantamweight isn’t his natural weight class at this point in his career.

Clay Collard did what he normally does and upset another prospect in David Kaminsky. I know Collard isn’t interested in trying to be a world champion in boxing so more bouts versus prospects is likely what he’ll do. David Kaminsky was simply matched too early with someone like Collard. Kaminsky is only 19 and a 6-0 professional who had never really faced someone that was going to really bring it. He took a lot of shots and I think he should take a 6 months break and find himself an established trainer rather than being trained by his dad. He has plenty of time to come back and he’ll learn a lot from this fight.

Frevian Gonzalez Robles looks like one to watch as he is very calm in the ring for being only 19. He can certainly work on some things but for his first step up fight he performed well. I think he should be moved up to 6 rounds as he clearly gets better as the fight progresses and didn’t seem tired at the end of the four rounds. Jose Martinez showed hes a decent fighter but perhaps needs more experience and to work on his cardio as he visibly slowed in the last two rounds.

Victor Rodriguez put in a good performance and seems to have some good tools to work with in the pro game. I would like too see him in with slightly better competition preferably someone with experience as his opponent was clearly quite new to boxing. Justin Horsley showed hes tough but beyond that didn’t do much throughout the four rounds. I think he should focus on MMA as I don’t see him having much success in boxing.

Gabriel Flores Jr performed well in winning a 10 round decision but perhaps should have stepped on the gas and got his over-matched opponent out of there. He did say after the fight that he came in with an injury so its understandable why he didn’t push quite as hard as he could have. Top Rank should step him up as hes clearly above this level of opponent at this point. He looks like a very good prospect and if he can start stopping guys then he could potentially be a world champion. Josec Ruiz lacked any sense of urgency in the fight and seemed content to lose a decision. He either goes back to fighting very limited opposition or can continue to give rounds as a B side to decent prospects, the latter will pay significantly better.

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