Andrew Moloney versus Joshua Franco breakdown

This is a fight between Andrew Moloney (21-0) and Joshua Franco (16-1-2) over 12 rounds for Moloney’s WBA regular world title. He won the title in his last fight versus Elton Dharry in what was a bloody affair as Dharry was stopped due to a severe cut. Joshua Franco is most known for his all action trilogy with Oscar Negrete in which he went 1-0-2.

Andrew Moloney has a decent jab but doesn’t use it a huge amount. His 1-2’s are nice but his best punches are his short hooks and uppercuts which he throws when getting into range before getting out of the way of any return fire. I think he has good foot and hand speed and seems to judge the distance very well both enabling him to land accurate punches and avoid his opponents attacks and counters. He can fight on the inside and at range but I think he prefers to be on the inside where he can get his short hooks off and avoid any counters by staying close. Like all boxers Moloney can be hit but he certainly makes it hard with his high guard and how he stays off the center line when he throws or when hes exchanging on the inside.

I was very impressed with his defense in his fight with Miguel Gonzalez who was struggling to land many shots on him at all. He’s also not afraid to be a bit dirty on the inside using elbows and shoulders to create space for his punches.

Joshua Franco is a good fighter who throws decent combinations without loading up on every shot. He’s very fluid when he punches and works well to both the body and head though I feel he could try and focus on the body more. He has a very nice jab when he chooses to use it but has been dragged into dog fights where he just exchanges hooks with fighters like Oscar Negrete. I like Franco’s right hook to the body as he gets a good amount of torque and power behind it.

He’s not as defensively sound as Moloney is in my opinion but to his credit he does block a lot of shots and when he does get hit he takes it well. He’s competent fighting both on the inside and at range but I think he is more comfortable fighting at range while throwing 2 or 3 punch combinations.

I think Moloney will most likely win as long as he can consistently get on the inside as I think hes more suited to that style of fighting. Franco can make it a tough fight using his jab and he can potentially drop Moloney coming in as he has been dropped multiple times before. I don’t think Moloney will KO Franco though I do see him winning a competitive decision after a 12 round inside war as I imagine Franco will be dragged into a dog fight again.

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