Samuel Nmomah versus Kassimou Mouhamadou breakdown

This should be a good fight and test for Nmomah who is a super welterweight prospect in Italy. He’s currently 14-0 with 4 knockouts and hasn’t faced anyone great yet. Kassimou Mouhamadou is a domestic fighter in France who has faced quite a few unbeaten fighters but lost to two of the ones hes faced.Continue reading “Samuel Nmomah versus Kassimou Mouhamadou breakdown”

Ivan Zucco versus Luca Capuano breakdown

This is a good fight for the vacant Italian Super Middleweight title. Ivan Zucco is 12-0 with 10 knockouts while Luca Capuano is 11-0 with two knockouts. This should be a fun fight for however long it lasts as both are undefeated and should be motivated for this fight as its the first big testContinue reading “Ivan Zucco versus Luca Capuano breakdown”

Fabio Turchi versus Dylan Bregeon breakdown

This is a solid European level Cruiserweight fight between Fabio Turchi and Dylan Bregeon. Fabio Turchi only has one loss in a close fight with Tommy McCarthy and has bounced back from that loss with a solid win over Nikolajs Grisunins. Dylan Bregeon is moving up in levels for this fight as before he hadContinue reading “Fabio Turchi versus Dylan Bregeon breakdown”

Francesco Patera versus Nicola Henchiri breakdown

This isn’t a great fight as Patera is taking on a very short notice opponent in Henchiri who has no power to speak of and is at best a solid domestic fighter. Patera has shown hes levels above in his fights and this should be an easy eight round decision victory for him.

Jaime Munguia versus D’Mitrius Ballard off after Ballard suffers injury

The fight between Munguia and Ballard has been cancelled after Ballard suffered an injury this week. Munguia is going to have to fight on a whole new fight date now which is a shame. To have two opponents pull out close to fight week is unlucky and I feel bad for Munguia and all theContinue reading “Jaime Munguia versus D’Mitrius Ballard off after Ballard suffers injury”

Tibo Monabesa versus Toto Landero breakdown

This is a good fight that was scheduled before the pandemic shut everything down and its nice too see its finally been put back on. Tibo Monabesa is a fringe contender at Light Flyweight with his biggest fight being a loss to Hiroto Kyoguchi. Toto Landero is effectively a gatekeeper at Flyweight and minimum weightContinue reading “Tibo Monabesa versus Toto Landero breakdown”

Demetrius Andrade versus Liam Williams breakdown

This is an excellent fight in the middleweight division between two top 10 fighters who have struggled to get the attention of others in their division. Demetrius Andrade is 29-0 with 18 knockouts and currently holds the WBO middleweight world title. Liam Williams is 23-2-1 with 18 knockouts and is on a good run sinceContinue reading “Demetrius Andrade versus Liam Williams breakdown”

The myth that the best don’t fight the best in boxing is a lie

A common trope among people not interested in boxing is that the best never fight the best in boxing and everyone just protects their records. I don’t believe this is true at all and its fairly obvious this isn’t much of a talking point anymore especially this year if you actually pay attention to boxing.Continue reading “The myth that the best don’t fight the best in boxing is a lie”

Mark Magsayo versus Pablo Cruz breakdown

This is a decent fight for Magsayo who is still learning as a fighter. Pablo Cruz is a decent domestic fighter in the USA and is clearly fairly tough. Magsayo is a boxer-puncher who is a world level prospect but struggled in his last fight. I think Mark Magsayo will win a decision after eightContinue reading “Mark Magsayo versus Pablo Cruz breakdown”

Eimantas Stanionis versus Thomas Dulorme breakdown

This is an excellent fight and a good step up for Stanionis who is a good prospect in the welterweight division. Eimantas Stanionis comes forward and applies good pressure with consistent body work. His defence is actually quite good as well. Thomas Dulorme is a good come forward fighter who has huge amounts of experience.Continue reading “Eimantas Stanionis versus Thomas Dulorme breakdown”