Shinard Bunch versus Shyngyskhan Tazhibay breakdown

This is a good fight between two fighters that are fringe prospects especially in the case of Tazhibay. Shinard Bunch is one of the most active boxer’s in the sport as he’s had twenty fights in just over two years. He’s taken a few fights versus other prospects on the way up and while hes 0-1-1 in those fights he should have got the upset decision over Janelson Figueroa Bocachica. Tazhibay is the opposite of Bunch with him only having nine fights in six years against mostly limited competition.

Shinard Bunch has a lot of power and has been improving as a fighter due to his activity. Tazhibay hasn’t fought since 2019 and from footage still fights in an amateurish style where he doesn’t plant his feet enough to get power. He has a nice straight right hand which he throws to the body and head but rushes his punches for the most part. I think he’ll want to get into exchanges, much to his detriment, and will get clipped by a right hook from Bunch.

Shyngyskhan Tazhibay

The activity and power difference will set these two apart with Bunch picking up a stoppage win in the third or fourth round in my opinion.


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