Luis Reynaldo Nunez versus Carlos Arrieta breakdown

I expect this to be a good fight to watch as Nunez presses the action against his foes while Arrieta also likes to come forward. Both of these fighters are undefeated and are facing off against each other in order to prove themselves on TV. The winner will likely start to get offered fights by Premier boxing champions and with the backing of a major promoter could aim for world honors.

Luis Reynaldo Nunez is a fighter with a lot of confidence and that shows in his style in the ring as he’s not hesitant to let his hands go and establish himself on the front foot. He consistently punches to the body which is a good sign for a young prospect. I also like his punch selection and the variety of combinations he throws. He’s got respectable power but certainly won’t be regarded as a power-puncher.

Carlos Arrieta has a nice left hook to the body and is also a consistent body puncher. He doesn’t move around the ring or have the variety of punches that Nunez has in my opinion but he’s competent in his own right. He hasn’t fought many opponents with winning records and had a hard fight with Ricardo Nunez who I would expect him to stop or at least not struggle against if he’s to compete with a talent like Nunez. Ricardo Nunez isn’t a bad fighter but is past his best and was up in weight versus Arrieta at featherweight rather than his more natural weight class of Super Flyweight.

Carlos Arrieta

I think Luis Reynaldo Nunez will be a class above Arrieta who will get picked apart by Nunez due to the gaps in foot and hand speed. Nunez also has more tools than Arrieta who at his best will come forward and bang away at the body. I think Nunez will win by decision as Arrieta will be competitive enough that he won’t get stopped and Nunez hasn’t looked to be a devastating puncher at featherweight like he was at super bantamweight. With this fight being over the featherweight limit I would be impressed if Nunez’s power carries up through the weight classes and he stops Arrieta


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