Juan Rene Tellez versus Luis Melendez breakdown

This should be an exciting match up between two young Super featherweights. Both fighters hit hard and thats especially the case for Tellez who has stopped all three opponents hes faced since losing a decision to Michel Rivera. Luis Melendez has won 16 fights in a row since an early loss and recently won an eight round decision over Thomas Mattice who is an underrated fighter himself.

Luis Melendez

Both have vulnerabilities defensively but I think Melendez is a bit more open than Tellez and doesn’t quite posses the same punch power. Tellez also throws accurate punches to the body while Melendez can head hunt a bit too much. As the fight is only eight rounds I don’t believe either fighter will get stopped as both are relatively tough and around the same level skill wise. I think Tellez’s body punching and power combined with his experience in hard fights should lead to him winning a close decision after eight rounds. The early rounds will be fought equally but Tellez will start to take over in the middle rounds when Melendez loses his shape and starts to look out of place.

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