Abraham Nova versus William Encarnacion breakdown

Abraham Nova continues his journey to becoming a featherweight in this fight as he’s only one pound over the limit. While he hasn’t made championship weight next I presume he can make it as this seems like it was a catch weight due to Encarnacion being a late replacement. William Encarnacion was a 2012 Olympian but hasn’t done great as a pro and is weighing in at almost the super featherweight division in this fight despite having most of his career at Super Bantamweight. Encarnacion has some power and decent skills but is under sized in this fight and will need to land the best punch of his life to win it in my opinion.

Abraham Nova is a big featherweight with respectable power himself. His career has stagnated over the last few years and he’s not as good technically as has been made out but hes still a fighter who could challenge for a world title some day.

William Encarnacion

Abraham Nova should be too big for Encarnacion to deal with especially considering the short notice he was given for the fight. I expect Nova to walk Encarnacion down and stop him in six or seven rounds.


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