Albert Bell versus Mark Bernaldez breakdown

Albert Bell will look to continue on his path to a world title shot by fighting Mark Bernaldez over 10 rounds.

Albert Bell is tall for 130 pounds and uses his height well unlike most fighters. He’ll use his height to land jabs and right hands which Bernaldez might walk into. His defense isn’t the best but he does seem to have a decent chin and because of his height its hard for opponents to hit him.

Mark Bernaldez will likely be on the front foot in this fight and will look to unload hooks to the body and head. His best trait is that when he does pressure he’ll really let his hands go and put his opponents under a lot of pressure. His defense is ok but its nothing special.

I think Albert Bell will be able to use his height and reach to cruise to a 10 round decision though Bernaldez could win if he can keep the pressure up long enough for Bell to crumble.

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