Jose Pedraza versus Mikkel LesPierre breakdown

This is a bit of a crossroads fight where the loser will find it hard to get back into world title contention. Jose Pedraza is a two weight world champion who has faced some very good competition while LesPierre has only fought Maurice Hooker and was dominated in that fight.

Jose Pedraza does all of the basics well and like most southpaws has a killer left hand that has caught many people off guard. He has sometimes moved away from his strengths like in his fight versus Gervonta Davis but I think he will stick to the plan in this fight.

Mikkel LesPierre is tough and can be physical on the inside if his opponents let him. Other than that Pedraza does everything better than him in all honesty though I will say that LesPierre is more used to the weight class.

I think Jose Pedraza should be able to win this fight by decision and that it will be relatively wide for him.

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