Robeisy Ramirez versus Adan Gonzales 2 breakdown.

This is a rematch where Robeisy Ramirez can avenge his only professional loss and prove that it was due to a lack of training and being out the ring for so long. Adan Gonzales could potentially get more decent fights if he can prove he’s a bit more than a domestic gatekeeper.

I’ve already broken down one of Robeisy Ramirez’s fight’s two or so weeks ago so i’m just going to repeat what I said there as not much has changed. Robeisy feints a lot which leaves his opponents constantly on edge. He varies his attack to the body and head and also varies the speed of his attack. He’ll throw a jab to the body or a singular hook to the head but then throw five or six punch combinations which means his opponents can’t predict what hes going to do. So far hes been an aggressive fighter in his pro career and breaks down his opponents rather than being a one punch KO artist. He has fast hands and seems very fluid when he fights which is what you expect from a top amateur.

The thing I most noticed about his last bout is that his timing really seems to be getting better as he settles into the pro game.

Adan Gonzales has fast hands and is willing to exchange punches but doesn’t really have any punches I would say stand out to me. His defense isn’t terrible but he also isn’t particularly hard to hit.

I think Robeisy Ramirez should be able to take his revenge and either win a 6 round decision or stop Gonzales late as he hasn’t fought for close to a year while Ramirez is improving. Ramirez has also changed coaches and is now training with Ismael Salas who is a legendary Cuban coach.

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