What’s next for Alex Saucedo,Sonny Fredrickson plus card?

This was a bit of a low key card but it had some good fights on it. I really enjoyed the main event and I thought Josue Vargas looked like a good prospect.

The first fight was between Donte Stubbs and Isiah Jones. This fight was competitive but Jone’s superior boxing skills managed to get him the win. He fought on one of these Top Rank cards two weeks ago and lost but came back and picked himself up a win over an undefeated prospect which really impressed me. Not many people would be willing to come back so quickly. I think he should keep working on the small hall scene and if he gets a call to be a B-side then he should take it and try to spring the upset as hes very capable of doing so when he lets his hands go. Donte Stubbs needs to have more developmental fights as he’s still transitioning over from MMA.

John Bauza versus Lawrence James Fryers was a scrappy fight where neither fight truly impressed. John Bauza seems to have excellent timing but doesn’t punch in combination and was getting bullied on the inside to an extent. I think he needs more fights at this level and if I was his team I wouldn’t be rushing him. Fryers is unlikely to get much better and should keep accepting roles as a B side as if he scores an upset then hes secured himself a decent payday versus a better opponent.

Josue Vargas schooled Salvador Briceno for 10 rounds and showed he can really box. I think perhaps fighting Sonny Fredrickson would be a good test for him as he was clearly a level above Briceno. I’m impressed with him as a prospect though if he can make 135 he should certainly move down. Briceno tried his best but because he lacks both foot and hand speed he didn’t stand much of a chance. I think he should continue in his role as a gatekeeper and perhaps try to develop a little bit as hes only 25.

Alex Saucedo Versus Sonny Fredrickson was a really fun fight where both fighters showed their strengths and weaknesses. Alex Saucedo did well offensively but still gets hit much to often and versus the top guys in his division will really struggle. I’ve looked at the rankings and I actually think he could get a title shot through the WBO within a year and a half. If he fights Daud Yordan who is ranked 10th that will get him a ranking then he should fight Chris Algieri or Yomar Alamo who are ranked 5th and 6th. This will get him ranked around 5th and he’ll likely get a vacant title shot versus Liam Paro when the winner of Ramirez/Taylor moves up to Welterweight. Viktor Postol and Jose Zepeda are both ranked above him but will be going the WBC route and Jack Catterall will likely face Ramirez before he fights Josh Taylor and lose leaving Saucedo with a perfect chance to become a world champion. Sonny Fredrickson should take a fight versus Josue Vargas next if he wants to try and get back to the top quick or if he doesn’t should take a tune up and then work his way up again.

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