Josue Vargas versus Salvador Briceno breakdown

Josue Vargas versus Salvador Briceno is a good fight for both fighters at this stage of their careers. Briceno has had a few chances versus good competition and has so far come up short in his career but he could potentially use that experience to perform better in this fight. Josue Vargas has had a near perfect career apart from a disqualification loss which he has since came back from. He’s had some promotional issues in the past but now he’s with Top Rank it seems hes on the right path to get a world title.

Josue Vargas is a southpaw who fights well off both the back and front foot. He has decent footwork which he uses well to avoid getting hit. He’s a patient fighter who picks his punches and consistently uses his jab to create space and set up his punches. He uses a variety of punches but I think his left to the body is one of his better shots.

Both his counter-punching and defense are relatively impressive for this stage of his career.

Salvador Briceno has a long reach for the weight class but he doesn’t use it that well. I don’t think he has any specific punches that stand out though I do like his body work and uppercuts. His hands are low most of the time and his hands aren’t especially quick which really isn’t a good combination.

I think Josue Vargas should be able to use his superior footwork timing to take a 10 round decision or perhaps even a late stoppage.

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