Alex Saucedo versus Sonny Fredrickson breakdown

Alex Saucedo (29-1) continues his rise back to the top of the sport in a crossroads fight versus Sonny Fredrickson (21-2). Saucedo’s only loss came in a title shot versus Maurice Hooker in 2018 where he lost by KO in the 7th round. Fredrickson lost to a very good prospect/contender in Shohjahon Ergashev and then in his last fight to Samuel Teah where he said he underestimated his opponent.

Alex Saucedo has a good right hand which he normally throws behind a jab or after he lands an uppercut or hook with his left hand. He has good counter left hooks and will often use his left hand multiple times in a row combining hooks with uppercuts.

He doesn’t have a bad jab when he uses it but seems more comfortable getting into firefights with his opponents where they exchange big shots. He has gone to the body well before but he isn’t consistent with it and it varies from fight to fight how much focus he puts on it. He is there to be hit as after he gets his shots off he doesn’t move and just waits for the counter which isn’t a good habit to have if you want a long career or want to be successful at the top.

Sonny Fredrickson is very tall considering he’s at 140 pounds however he’ll often give up his height in fights. In his fight with Manuel Mendez he was regularly being put back on the ropes where he would attempt to do the rope a dope to varying degrees of success. He’s not great at fighting on the inside but considering his height he has quite a lot of success on the inside countering with uppercuts and body shots. From the footage I’ve watched he has nice chopping right hands which he lands often using his superior height. When he commits to his shots hes quite accurate but he isn’t especially consistent with his offense.

He does try and keep people on the outside with his jab but it doesn’t seem to have a lot of pop on it and people don’t have much of a problem walking him down. His defense isn’t anything special as he just puts his gloves up like ear muffs and still gets caught with shots around the back or through the middle. Shohjahon Ergashev had no trouble backing Fredrickson up and landing hooks to the body and head along with straight left hands at will.

I think Alex Saucedo should be able to win this fight by KO as I feel he has more power than Fredrickson and I don’t think Fredrickson will be able to keep Saucedo off of him. Neither of their defenses are great but I think Saucedo should get the better of the exchanges and he won’t be getting hit as much when he’s pushing Fredrickson back.

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