Katie Taylor versus Amanda Serrano won’t happen.

Eddie Hearn and Amanda Serrano have been going back and forth on twitter along with Lou DiBella who is Serrano’s promoter. The talks seem to be very bitter at this point and with Hearn threatening legal action against the television company Serrano was going to make money on I don’t think this fight will ever happen.

It feels like at this point the bad blood may put all parties off making the fight due to not wanting to work together. There has also been money issues with the fight where Hearn asked Serrano to take a pay cut and then after her team said no he said they could do the fight with the original pay but Serrano wasn’t informed and this resulted in a lot of anger from all the different players.

Its a shame as this is one of the biggest fights in the sport in my opinion and would define the legacies of both Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano. Hopefully the fight can still be made but if it doesn’t I hope both fighters can get big fights.

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