Albert Bell versus Julio Cortez breakdown

Albert Bell is a fighter I think could win a world title on his day, he’s a massive super featherweight with huge reach and height advantages over his opponents. He uses his height well and boxes at range, moving around the ring and not getting into exchanges. Julio Cortez is a fairly basic fighter whoContinue reading “Albert Bell versus Julio Cortez breakdown”

Albert Bell versus Manuel Rey Rojas breakdown

This is a decent fight for Bell who is slowly building his way towards world title shot. Albert Bell is a huge super featherweight and uses his size well by boxing from the outside. Manuel Rey Rojas isn’t a bad fighter but I think he’ll struggle to land on Bell who will be boxing andContinue reading “Albert Bell versus Manuel Rey Rojas breakdown”

What’s next for Jose Pedraza, Mikkel LesPierre plus card

This was a relatively fun card though the 6 round fights delivered more action and excitement than both the main and co-main event. Robeisy Ramirez looked good in getting revenge against Adan Gonzales and showed that it was due to a lack of preparation that he lost. I thought he looked like he’d been makingContinue reading “What’s next for Jose Pedraza, Mikkel LesPierre plus card”

Albert Bell versus Mark Bernaldez breakdown

Albert Bell will look to continue on his path to a world title shot by fighting Mark Bernaldez over 10 rounds. Albert Bell is tall for 130 pounds and uses his height well unlike most fighters. He’ll use his height to land jabs and right hands which Bernaldez might walk into. His defense isn’t theContinue reading “Albert Bell versus Mark Bernaldez breakdown”