Joe Smith Jr versus Maxim Vlasov breakdown

This is an excellent fight for the vacant WBO Light Heavyweight world title. Joe Smith Jr has come back from hard losses and has consistently won as an underdog to get to this position. Maxim Vlasov has won three fights in a row since losing at Cruiserweight and has been operating at world level for a while now.

Maxim Vlasov is the bigger fighter and will likely try to box from range the entire fight and use his boxing skills to win a decision. Joe Smith Jr is going to come forward and attempt to chop down the tree with his power and underrated skills himself.

Maxim Vlasov

I can see this fight going either way but I lean towards Joe Smith Jr winning a decision due to landing the bigger more impactful punches.

John Hedges versus Stanko Jermelic breakdown

John Hedges didn’t exactly have a dream debut but at the same time very few people look good in their first fights and many great fighters have actually as a debutant. I thought he lost but it was relatively close.

John Hedges should win this fight by decision as Jermelic is 0-5 and hasn’t really shown a huge ambition to win in his fights as hes properly settled into his journeyman role.

Nick Campbell versus Petr Frohlich breakdown

Nick Campbell is making his debut after a decent amateur career and transitioning from rugby to boxing. Petr Frohlich is a journeyman who doesn’t win much at all and also gets stopped when he fights anyone who’s a decent prospect.

I think Nick Campbell will win by knockout within the first two rounds due to being bigger and better technically. Also hes a prospect facing a journeyman so he should really win.

Ukashir Farooq versus Alexander Espinoza breakdown

This is a good fight as Farooq is a really good fighter but is severely underrated. Alexander Espinoza is a good domestic fighter in Nicaragua who lost on a split decision in Russia in his only trip outside of his native country.

Alexander Espinoza

I think this will be a good fight as both are decent fighters though Farooq is better technically and is good at fighting on the inside. I think Farooq will win by decision after ten rounds due to being better technically and his body work.

Savannah Marshall versus Maria Lindberg breakdown

This isn’t a great fight as Lindberg is coming in on short notice and while shes a good fighter shes also now 44 and past her prime. Savannah Marshall is in her prime and has looked very impressive as a pro so far.

Maria Lindberg

I think Savannah Marshall will win by knockout because shes better technically and is much bigger than Lindberg. She’s also got more power and is in her prime as a fighter.

Shannon Courtenay versus Ebanie Bridges breakdown

This is a strange fight as neither of these fighters really deserve a title shot due to their rankings in the WBA but are getting one based on who is promoting the fight at least in my opinion. Shannon Courtenay has at least fought two decent fighters even if she is 1-1 in those fights. Ebanie Bridges has fought no one of note at all but was actually the one originally mandated to fight for the title.

Ebanie Bridges

Both of these fighters like to come forward however I think Courtenay is better technically and has more power. Bridges is also small for the weight. I think Shannon Courtenay will win by knockout because shes better technically and is also bigger.

Conor Benn versus Samuel Vargas breakdown

This is a good test for Conor Benn who has come on leaps and bounds in his recent fights. His last fight was one I really felt he could lose but instead he dominated for ten rounds and really showed his offensive arsenal. Samuel Vargas is a fringe world level fighter at Welterweight who has faced the best consistently throughout his career.

Both of these are come forward fighters with decent power. Both have showed decent chins though Vargas has shown the better chin as Benn has been put down by worse fighters however that was early in his career and it only happened in one fight. I think Conor Benn is better offensively and when he puts it together it’s very nice to watch as he puts body and head shots together with brutal intentions. His defence isn’t amazing but it’s better than given he is given credit for. Vargas has decent defence himself though relies on his chin a lot.

Samuel Vargas

I think Conor Benn will put in a performance similar to his last one and dominate due to the pace he sets and how good he is offensively. I don’t think Vargas fights as well off the back foot and will struggle to keep up.

Olanrewaju Durodola versus Shaban Hamadi Jongo breakdown

This is a good fight as both are big punchers but also don’t have great defence. Durodola has been competing at world level for years now and did decently in his recent fight with Illunga Makabu for the WBC Cruiserweight world title. Shaban Hamadi Jongo has never fought at that level and while he does seem to possess some power I struggle to see him winning this fight as he holds no advantages apart from being younger.

I think Olanrewaju Durodola will win by knockout in six rounds and continue towards yet another world title opportunity.

Hassan Mwakinyo versus Brendon Denes breakdown

This is a decent fight as Mwakinyo is an underrated fighter at Super Welterweight while Brendon Denes just pulled off a big upset in his last fight against an undefeated welterweight. Denes is moving up in weight for this fight and against a big puncher like Mwakinyo that’s not a good sign.

I think Hassan Mwakinyo will continue his run of form and win a decision after twelve rounds due to being bigger and potentially having more power.

Andrei Mikhailovich versus Shay Brock breakdown

This is a decent step up fight for Mikhailovich but also one i’m confident he wins in impressive fashion. He’s better technically and has around the same level of power as Brock. He’s also the taller fighter and has had better results versus shared opponents.

I think Andrei Mikhailovich will win a decision after ten rounds due to being better technically than Brock.