Frank Martin versus Romero Duno breakdown

This is a good fight between fringe contenders Martin and Duno. Frank Martin is 14-0 and has looked great in his last two fights. He’s a combination puncher with good footwork and excellent hand speed. Martin can box adeptly on the back foot and front foot and generally has a lot of tools at hisContinue reading “Frank Martin versus Romero Duno breakdown”

Frank Martin versus Ryan Kielczweski breakdown

This is a good step for Martin’s career, who in my opinion is a dark horse in the lightweight division, as Kielczweski has faced a few good names but has never been stopped. Martin is a boxer-puncher with great technical skills. He’s got quick hands and uses them effectively both on the front and backContinue reading “Frank Martin versus Ryan Kielczweski breakdown”

Frank Martin versus Jerry Perez breakdown

This is an excellent fight between two unbeaten lightweights who are trying to progress up the ranks and make a name for themselves. Frank Martin is 12-0 with 9 knockouts and is taking the biggest step up of his professional career after building a record mainly on the small hall scene. Jerry Perez is 13-0Continue reading “Frank Martin versus Jerry Perez breakdown”