Frank Martin versus Ryan Kielczweski breakdown

This is a good step for Martin’s career, who in my opinion is a dark horse in the lightweight division, as Kielczweski has faced a few good names but has never been stopped.

Martin is a boxer-puncher with great technical skills. He’s got quick hands and uses them effectively both on the front and back foot. I was very impressed with his last fight where he dominated every minute of the fight and even got the finish in a match up where he wasn’t deemed the puncher of the two.

Ryan Kielczweski is tough but fairly limited compared to Martin. He’s been out boxed by other good technical boxers but notably none of them have been punchers.

Ryan Kielczweski

Martin has a good amount of power which I think will lead to Kielczweski struggling to survive a lot more than he usually does. The combination of Martin’s boxing ability and his power should be more than enough for him to get a stoppage in the 4th or 5th round. It’s good too see that his talent is being recognised and hes been given an opportunity on a big card.


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