Luis Ortiz versus Charles Martin breakdown

This is a solid match up in the heavyweight division between dangerous two time world title challenger Ortiz and former world champion Martin.

Luis Ortiz is the more technically sound of the two fighters and has more power in my opinion. I’d be very confident in him winning this fight as he’s proved hes a better fighter than Martin and on tape it’s clear how skilled he is but he’s 40 and has fought for a year. With older fighters they can suddenly become washed from one fight to the next and with Ortiz’s inactivity and his bad knockout loss to Deontay Wilder you have to wonder what he has left.

Charles Martin was very lucky to become world champion as his opponent injured his knee and couldn’t continue meaning he won his title by knockout. He then lost the title in a one sided two round blowout to Anthony Joshua in 2016. He’s had two significant bouts since and gone 1-1. A close loss to Adam Kownacki was no shame but again reinforced his place in the heavyweight rankings. A more recent win over Gerald Washington was good however Washington isn’t half the fighter Ortiz is and should probably think about retirement soon. Martin hasn’t fought since early 2020 but seems to be in reasonable shape.

Charles Martin

I think Luis Ortiz will stop Charles Martin early as he’s accurate and Martin will be rusty due to his absence from the ring. Ortiz is the better fighter and will only lose this fight if he’s aged badly in the last two years.


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