Geovany Bruzon versus Lenier Pero breakdown

This is an excellent match up between two Cuban heavyweight’s with decent amateur backgrounds. Bruzon is the younger of the two and doesn’t quite have Pero’s power but is much more aggressive. Pero spent longer in the amateurs and it shows when he fights as he’s more patience and sets up his punches better. IContinue reading “Geovany Bruzon versus Lenier Pero breakdown”

Geovany Bruzon versus Jesus Angel Nerio breakdown

This is a slight step up for Bruzon though not one he should struggle with too much. Bruzon is currently 2-0 officially though I’ve found footage of a fight that isn’t as of now recorded. Jesus Angel Nerio is a late replacement opponent and certainly not one Bruzon should struggle with. Geovany Bruzon was aContinue reading “Geovany Bruzon versus Jesus Angel Nerio breakdown”