Geovany Bruzon versus Jesus Angel Nerio breakdown

This is a slight step up for Bruzon though not one he should struggle with too much. Bruzon is currently 2-0 officially though I’ve found footage of a fight that isn’t as of now recorded. Jesus Angel Nerio is a late replacement opponent and certainly not one Bruzon should struggle with.

Geovany Bruzon was a good amateur from Cuba and so has that elite pedigree to work with. He’s also only 23 so unlike a lot of Cuban amateurs that turn pro he has a lot of time left in the sport. He seems to have good fundamental skills and a decent bit of power though he hasn’t gone the past the first round as a pro so its hard to judge him. He has nice sharp counter hooks from the footage I’ve watched which may suggest he’ll be a counter puncher later in his career.

Jesus Angel Nerio is a very average super middleweight who is moving up to heavyweight after two years of inactivity. I don’t think this is going to end well for him at all and its very likely hes just put on weight in his two years of inactivity and hasn’t trained.

I think Geovany Bruzon will win by knockout because hes the natural heavyweight and has better skills. Bruzon is a prospect to watch right now in my opinion and at 23 has all the time in the world to develop into a world class contender.


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