Juan Jose Barajas versus Gabriel Lopez breakdown

This should be a competitive fight as Barajas is still a prospect and Lopez is better than his record suggests. The fight will be for the vacant WBC Latina Super Middleweight title.

Juan Jose Barajas is very tall for the weight and normally uses that height well. I wouldn’t say his power is great and while his technical skills are decent they aren’t anything otherworldly. Theres limited footage online so there isn’t much I can analyse.

Gabriel Lopez has a nice double jab when he choose to use it but mostly pushes forward and throws big punches which put him off balance. He heavily leans over his front foot when he moves forward and this leads to him getting hit a lot. He’s not afraid to get into a war and seems to have good stamina which holds up over twelve rounds.

I think Barajas should be able to grind out a decision using his height and reach to exploit Lopez’s defensive flaws.


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