O’Shaquie Foster versus Miguel Roman breakdown

I think this is a great fight that could really go either way. O’Shaquie Foster is the most underrated talent in the super featherweight division and hasn’t up until this point been able to get big fights due to him being a big risk but having no reward if his opponents win. Miguel Roman is an experienced campaigner who is looking for one last world title shot as he was stopped in his most recent one versus Miguel Berchelt.

O’Shaquie Foster has good technical skills and boxes well off the back foot as he goes around the ring countering his opponents. He has one punch KO power and has hurt even tough opponents multiple times. He’s not mixed it at world level like Miguel Roman has but from his recent performances it looks like hes more than ready for it.

Miguel Roman has been around for a long time and is having his 76th professional fight on Thursday night. I’d describe his style as a come forward brawler who brings educated pressure. His defence like a lot of brawlers isn’t great but he does have a good chin which has served him well. He has respectable power and is a veteran of the ring so theres not much that Foster does which should surprise him.

Miguel Roman

I think O’Shaquie Foster will win a decision after countering Roman for 10 rounds off the back foot. I think while Roman will have some success coming forward I think his past wars and rising age will have slowed him down enough for Foster to handle him.


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